U.S. Embassy Health Fair 2014


U.S. Embassy Health Fair 2014

           BNH Hospital participated in the U.S. Embassy Health Fair 2014, promoting breast cancer early detection with two nurses teaching breast self-examination. BNH Hospital invited participants to visit and share “The Art of Care Gallery” and informed about 7 research projects that will create 7 Miracles to improve the lives of people diagnosed with breast cancer.

          The ongoing research will not only mean a healthy future for patients who are able to survive and thrive but will also help to change the way we treat patients and this acts as a gift for a healthier future. The activity was appreciated by many US Embassy staff and family members who donated generously for breast cancer research.

Making a Difference

         For more information about Breast Cancer and how you can support the Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer Research, please visit www.bnhbreasthealth.com