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Primetime Women

The age of success is customarily surrounded by people, wealth, honor and respect, but it is also a time when body and mind may begin to withdraw from “living life to the fullest”. The clinic will take care of both short and long – term potential problems so as to slow any physical and emotional deterioration and thus reduce the chances of illness by promoting healthy habits that help the patient maintain optimal conditions for this prime season of enjoyable life.


1.  Feminine Maturity Clinic (Menopause)

The specialized centre to take care of women with menopause and help them cope with physical and emotional changes. The clinic’s focus combines modern technologies and traditional knowledge to maintain balance from the inside out. The happiness and emotional wellness should eventually shine through to be visible on the out outside.

2.  Bone Health Clinic

This specialized hub focuses on the prevention and treatment of bone and joint problems that can be prevented if the patient is properly educated regarding physical and emotional changes which commonly occur to women during the climacteric. The focus is on curing and preventing complication with modern technology and a specialized medical team who provide their best endeavors to avoid potentially severe consequences and any possible major operations that may occur if the patient is not appropriately treated.

3.  BNH LUC Centre (Lady Urinary Care)

The specialized centre comprises specialized urologists and uro – gynecologists with modern technology to ensure safe and accurate diagnosis. The clinic will also provide preventative measures that protect the urinary track from developing common irritating problems affecting intimacy either acutely or chronically. The problems are taken care of in utmost privacy and are designed to preserve and/or regain the finest quality of life possible

4.  Cancer Care & Preventive Zone

The centre focuses on cancer prevention and detection at its earliest stage. This is to achieve a complete cure at the time of tumor initiation so as to prevent disease spread and its domino consequences. The centre is staffed by cancer prevention experts from various disciplines ie., oncologists
and gynecologic oncologists, and is also equipped with modern technology that can detect cancer in its embryonic stages.


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