Malaria antigen screening

Product Code A155
Product Description
Item Group  In Lab
Operated Laboratory  N Health BNH Lab
Sample type/Volume (ml)  EDTA Blood 2 ml
Storage condition  2-8oC
Collection remark
Sending remark
Special Requisition Form  No
Method  ELISA + immunochromatography (น้ำยาของ Diamed OptiMAL-IT)
Technical constrains / Limitation
Clinical Use  **using monoclonal antibodies against the metabolic enzyme p-LDH (parasite lactate dehydrogenase) of Plasmodium spp.
**limitations : OptiMAL-IT detects the presence of p-LDH from live parasites only จึงมักใช้เพื่อ monitor the effeciency of treatment
**ใน strip มี 3 bands ได้แก่ control , P.falciparum และ Plasmodium spp. (PF , PV, PM, PO)
Report format  xx
Reference range (Unit)
N Health Operation schedule
N Health startup / report time
N Health turnaround time  60 min
General Information
Technical Advantage