3-Methoxytyramine, Urine-HPLC (24-h Urine)

Example Lab Report

Product Code S219
Product Description
Item Group  In Lab
Operated Laboratory  N Health CMS Lab
Sample type/Volume (ml)  Specimen collection: Collect 24 hour urine in a bottle containing 10 mL conc. Hydrochloric acid per 1 L urine, such as, 30 mL per urine bottle size 3 L. Store at 2-8 °C. Protect from light. Specimen transportation and storage: Separate 30-50 mL of 24 hour urine in light protected container and record total volume.
Storage condition  Store at 2-8 °C (stability 24 hrs). For a longer period of time freezesample at -20 °C.
Collection remark  *protected from light *record total volume of urine
Sending remark
Special Requisition Form  No
Method  HPLC
Technical constrains / Limitation
Clinical Use
Report format  Quantitative
Reference range (Unit)
N Health Operation schedule
N Health startup / report time
N Health turnaround time  22 days
General Information
Technical Advantage