2; 5-Hexanedione (Urine)

Product Code V205
Product Description
Item Group  Out Lab
Operated Laboratory  Out Lab
Sample type/Volume (ml)  urine 20 ml (end of shift)
Storage condition  2-8oC
Collection remark
Sending remark
Special Requisition Form  No
Method  GC-PID (Headspace)
Technical constrains / Limitation
Clinical Use
Report format  Quantitative : Normal person < 0.8 mg/L , Exposed person < 5.0 mg/L
Reference range (Unit)  Exposed person: less than or equal to 0.4 mg/L (Reference : Notification of Ministry of Industry. issue 4409 B.E.2555)
N Health Operation schedule
N Health startup / report time
N Health turnaround time  16 days
General Information
Technical Advantage